How Can We Help You Improve Your P&L and Balance Sheet?

  • Uncover daily sales, profit and inventory opportunities leveraging available customer order and price elasticity information
  • Drive product complexity reduction across the supply chain
  • Train your team on integrated business planning process (one week)
  • Help you re-engineer and redesign integrated business planning process (one week)
  • Enable business planning and reporting with Microsoft tools (results visible in weeks)
  • Configure your process in Visual Forecast (four to six months, optional)
  • Easy and quick implementation, live pilots within 3 weeks
  • Higher business and product development speed to market and innovation
  • One plan for sales, marketing, sourcing, finance and supply chain
  • State-of-the art online business analytics, intelligence, reporting and tracking
  • Control complex project tracking and management

Why Visual Forecast For My Business?

Build integrated business planning on price optimization, customer profitability and priority

Order based planning and management

Four-dimension flexible hierarchy to forecast, budget, plan, report and manage your business

  1. TIME: Data periods in weeks*, months, quarters and / or years
  2. DISTRIBUTION: Regional and global point of sales, channels and sales teams
  3. CUSTOMER: Unlimited hierarchy levels to proactively manage and track all channels with laser focus on profitability and priority
  4. PRODUCT: Reduce product complexity by focusing on fast-moving products

Run your business in any of the hierarchy combinations, which can be easily changed at any time, in order to effectively analyze and understand your business performance

* Daily granularity is optional and available to manage holidays and timing of events

How Does Visual Forecast Help My Business?

  • Visual Forecast is intended for sales, marketing and finance leaders who are eager to swiftly find real solutions for very old forecasting challenges such as complex distribution, product offering, different timing of holidays and promotional events, lack of sales history for new product launches and new businesses
  • No dog and pony show! Once you share your readily available sales history with the experts at Visual Forecast, you will see your business forecast,  performance and KPIs online within 3 weeks at no cost to you
  • No limitations whatsoever when it comes to forecasting events, promotions, new product launches and turn business
  • Flexible, visual and easy solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Visual Forecast will help you move your forecasting process from a black box to a manageable online visual solution that is easily accessible to all business partners

How Do I Run Visual Forecast For My Business?

  • Visual Forecast is a cloud-based business forecasting solution for most vertical markets such as consumer, automotive and energy
  • Fast and easy installation, subscription based, no need to spend millions of dollars in upfront consulting fees, software or hardware capital investments
  • The monthly affordable subscription fee will allow you to run your business with Visual Forecast online and lean out your process with laser focus on profitable customers, markets and fast-moving products