Who can benefit from Visual Forecast Software (Elevator Speech)

  • Are you a sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, or distribution business leader? Being responsible for a consumer end-to-end supply chain network can get overwhelming, especially when you strive for competitive pricing, exceptional customer experience, and flawless point of sale product availability, while trying to attain your financial goals.
  • Now you can manage billions of customer transactions for millions of products and points of sale on one integrated business planning, pricing, and delivery platform: Visual Forecast.
  • It is a hassle-free business computer software and consulting solution for an affordable subscription fee. Visual Forecast spares you millions of dollars in potential technology investments for system upgrades. It can easily leverage existing master data and transactions to plan an exceptional customer experience. Now you can achieve inventory, transportation, revenue, and price optimization with laser focus on top customers and products in all channels and markets.
  • It is time to adapt to an ever-evolving consumer-centric business environment by taking advantage of Visual Forecast technology to process billions of daily order lines in just seconds. Best of all, there is no need for you to get frustrated with multiple, disconnected systems anymore, because Visual Forecast will easily help you make lean business decisions over one platform across your supply chain.


  • Visual Forecast is a customer order level or quantum integrated business planning (Q-IBP) platform intended for large end-to-end supply chain networks, complex customer, and consumer distribution channels.
  • Visualize and plan at customer order level hundreds of millions of business transactions in seconds while accounting for business rules, exceptions, and uniqueness.
  • Best in class user interface experience is guaranteed with Visual Forecast on demand, flexible, multiple parallel computer servers, and internet communication channels.
  • With Visual Forecast quantum artificial intelligence planning platform, revenue and price optimization are achieved with laser focus on customer, consumer, product, market price mix and promotions.
  • Increase off-the-shelf product availability at point-of-sale levels for all customers and consumers by simply leveraging Visual Forecast artificial intelligence business rules while proactively making accurate, quick pricing and inventory decisions.
  • Drive customer priorities and service during short supply conditions across all supply chain including suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.


  • Fully leverage available pricing, sales, inventory, warehousing and transportation ERP files and information records by using existing data to identify opportunities, develop demand and supply action plans to make critical business decisions.
  • Build ONE consistent, flexible, product, customer, and channel hierarchies with infinite levels for sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance, and supply chain organizations.
  • Hassle free master data realignment while modifying pricing, channel, customer, and product hierarchies to adapt to ever-changing business environment.
  • Price optimization, integrated business planning and transportation optimization in one Visual Forecast platform using same existing ERP files.
  • No need to change business processes or master data in existing ERP systems, hassle free and straight forward system integration connection to ONLY read available business information records and transactions.