Our customers

Sales, marketing, pricing, finance, sourcing,
consulting and private equity leaders
who are eager to transform their businesses


Visualize, grow, improve sales,
profit and speed to market

Our Value Proposition

Quick turn around implementation
of best in class digital business solutions


Anytime, anywhere for consumers,
customers and shareholders with
laser focus on business, new
products and promotions

Guaranteed Delivery and Results

Elevate profit, tune up average price, lower operating costs
and drive exceptional customer experience
with Visual Forecast Live Yata Technology

Improve business, product
development, speed to market
and innovation

Visualize business performance,
opportunities and risks within 3 weeks


Mine and model end-to-end
distribution channels, sales,
and operation transactions to
identify opportunities, develop
action plans and measure

Proactively notify and alert
business partners and leaders
about business opportunities
and risks.